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About Us

With your help, we support school libraries in developing countries.


We believe one book can change the life of a child.


In 2009 after a compassionate mission trip, a request came from the Headmaster of Bhalekane, in rural elementary school, to build a library to assist student and staff.  In 2010 the Swaziland Library Project officially started to collect books with generous donations for personal and business libraries. 


Since that time, 37 rural elementary school libraries have reeived books and the request for books continues to grow.  Schools have reported greater learning opportunities for the students and greater teaching aids for teachers with the use of books.  Teacher training partnerships have been formed as a result of the libraries.


Who We Are                              What We Do

Please consider a financial donation.  Help ship the sea container, purchase JAWS books, help a GO Team member, Library supplies.  

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