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Swaziland Library Partnership

Over 70 community volunteers sort and catalog donated books in our office space.  We partner with Carr McLean and other businesses to help with labels, cards and library pockets.

We separate elementary, high school, university and other books to allocate them accordingly.

Schools supplies and teacher resources are gathered and boxed.

To date, we have established 37 rural elementary school libraries.  We have also supplied pastoral material and university books in Manzini.  

We have purchased a set of books written for the elementary aged child that address the contraction of HIV/AIDS.  These sets have been given to each of the school libraries and to many medical facilities.

Our goal is also to establish a cultural corner in each library.  The Swaziland traditions and culture is deep and we want them to embrace their heritage.  We are purchasing books in SiSwati for each of these libraries as well.

Over 140 teachers attended requested training for literacy and using books in the classroom.  Other topics included classroom management and encouraging the love of reading.

A report will be available soon with the findings and future training plans.
The teachers were teachers and students for a day.  We learned from each other.
Further requested training will resume.

Students have to walk several kilometres to go to school in a rural area in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa.  A group of volunteers in Idaho, USA, started to build a school with community members there to meet this need.  A request later came in for a Library for this school.  Most rural schools can't afford a library.

Rev. Tim Trotman, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, passed away on Sept.22, 2009.  His compassion for the people around him was felt by all.  He encouraged and prayed for each one he met.  One thing Tim did was promote education.  When the opportunity arose to assist this rural village with an elementary school library, it only seemed fitting to dedicate it in Tim's honour.  The cost of constructing the building will be approximately $8,000.  There are many other areas that will need to be covered as well - shipping container, shelving, library supplies and miscellaneous library resources.  

The estimated cost for total completion is close to $16,000.

To donate directly to this project, click here.

Through canadian community involvement, many educational needs are met.

Teacher Training

Tim Trotman Memorial Library

Click here to read about this story in The Record newspaper

HIV/AIDS Task Force

Women volunteers throughout Swaziland walk hundreds of kilomenters a year checking in on neighbours affected by disease and other illnesses.  We collect clothing, shoes, sewing items and medical items.

Please consider a financial donation.  Help ship the sea container, purchase JAWS books, help a GO Team member, Library supplies.  

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